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I wanted to create a special spot for Goddess womyn, so they can celebrate and share in the gifts of the Lady. This is where I'll have information about books, music, sites, etc of special interest to Dianics and others who have a deep interest in Goddess-centered spirituality. I also have information about a class I am teaching through the Dianic University on Dianic philosphy here.

Note as of January 2009: all the links on this page have been fixed and a new section has been added, but I am still putting pages in the rituals section, so that is still incomplete.

The first thing of real interest are some poems I am accumulating from here and there. They are all translations of the works of Sappho, the great Greek poet of the classical era. Her hymns to the Goddesses are lovely and deeply meaningful to me as a Dianic. I will note that some of the sentiments are not expressions of the modern-day Wiccan rede, instead they are the yearnings of a Greek appealing to her Goddess, and so they might offend some who are rather sticky about the rede. I've also started a collection of hymns to various Goddesses by other poets through the millenia. The poems and the other items that I have can be found below in my Dianic Book of Shadows. I hope that what you find is useful and entertaining as well as educational.

I have started an online newsletter for the Goddess of the Month articles that I write for the Lake Area Goddesses Society. Anyone who would like to get this monthly newsletter can subscribe here. It's an announcement-only list that goes out once a month, so it's not high traffic.

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A Dianic Book of Shadows

The Mystai of the Moon Tradition - A Dianic Path The Charge of the Dark GoddessPersonal Philosophies & Random Thoughts A Recommended Reading List
A HerStory of Dianic PaganismTo Be A Witch - A Poem A Dianic FAQHymn to Inanna
The Charge of the GoddessRituals My Goddess PoetryGoddess2000 Project Artwork
Essays On The Dianic Path - A Work in Progress Are You Real? - A PoemThe Dedication The Works of Sappho

Ok some uniquely Dianic links should be part of these resources. It's kind of hard to find things that deal honestly with the Dianic traditions, which is one reason I started this site in the first place. However, as I find them, I will list them.
This is a link to Temple of Diana an amazing group of womyn that I had the great privelege of meeting and doing ritual with. The group is led by the beautiful and gracious Ruth Barrett and her partner Falcon River. I highly recommend the site and the group.
Here's a link to a site about Marija Gimbutas, one of the great archaeologists of the 20th century CE.
This is a link to Z. Budapest's homepage. I'm really excited that I found a home page for her. She was one of my earliest influences as a Dianic. Z now has an email list you can join it by clicking here.
This is a link to a site called The Tenth Muse, which is also dedicated to the great Sappho.
This is a link to SisterSpirit, a women's spirituality group in Portland, Oregon.
Click here to go to We'Moon's site, a wonderful Dianic resource.
This will take you to Daughters of the Moon, a fantastic Dianic resource, as well as a great place to find a beautiful Tarot deck.
This is the link to AWARE. They're not a Dianic group or even a Pagan group. They're a group created to educate women about violence and self-defense.

This is Alys, Protector of women's inner strength and power. She guards this Dianic area.

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