My Artwork

I became part of the Goddess2000 Project back in 1999, and I started working on creating artwork as part of this. I am not really the artistic type when it comes to visual arts, I'm a musician and writer, but I wanted to challenge myself to express my feelings in a visual medium. These pictures are the result of that challenge, an exploration of my spirtiual feelings in oil pastels and newsprint. I hope that you enjoy them.

Before the Goddess I Stand Alone and Proud

This was on of my first drawings. I call it Before the Goddess I Stand Alone and Proud because it's me in a position of worship alone and naked and unashamed.

The Sky Bleeds Invaded by the Disease of Pollution

This one was done on a moody day. I call it The Sky Bleeds Invaded by the Disease of Pollution. I was reading an article on air pollution in my area, and this image of the sky infected and wounded by the soot and pollutants we pour so thoughtlessly into the air came to me.

The Cosmic Hand That Holds Us Before Birth

This one is much more happy. I call it The Cosmic Hand That Holds Us Before Birth. It was just this thing I saw in my mind's eye. It's hard to explain.

Goddess is Everywhere

This one was more of a concept piece, but I like it alot. I call it Goddess is Everywhere. I wanted to show how no matter where you look or where you are, the traits and ideals that connect us to Goddess are always with us. If you can't make out all the words (it's hard to write clearly with pastels) they are as follows from the top and going deosil: Kindness, Integrity, Ethics, Responsibility, Empathy, Compassion, Inspiration, Life, Creation, (The arrow with You Are Here), Hope, Joy, Freedom, Goodness, Honesty, Truth, Love, Strength, Peace, and Happiness. I have the arrows going in multiple directions in and out of the spiral galaxy to emphasize the universality of Goddess.

Raw Energy Like Fire in the Blood

This one is called Raw Energy Like Fire in the Blood. It represents the intensity of raising and focussing energy and how it permeates you while you contain it.

Samhain Altar

This was my most recent drawing. I call it Samhain Altar. I was thinking about how I wanted to do my altar and drew this.

Sacred Chao

This was one done during a more whimsical moment. It's a Sacred Chao, a symbol of Discordians. My husband is one, and I've had several Discordian friends. This one's for them.

Wow... I've had such good feedback about my artwork (and thank you everyone who has emailed me!), some even asking about buying versions of my work. So, I've decided to create a little shop where various forms of my artwork can be purchased, if you like.

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