This is a synopsis of the syllabus for a class on Dianic philosophy and feminist thought that will be taught through the auspices of the The Dianic University. Please read through this all the way. If you have any questions or have interest in the class, information will be provided after the syllabus on how to contact me or how to sign up. I have spoken with the The Dianic University about class fees, and the class will cost $60 for the whole 12-lesson course. I wanted to make sure it was affordable to womyn.

Dianic spirituality starts with feminist thought. This class is meant to bring a basic grasp of Dianic spiritual philosophy through feminist writings and Dianic practices. This is going to be done in a very flexible way. I recognize that the womyn taking this class have many different levels of experience in feminist Dianic thought. This class is designed as a basic course in feminist Dianic philosophy through writing and experiential means. It will be one of two classes, the second one being a more deep and radical focus on Dianic philosophy for those who want that kind of challenge. You must successfully complete this class to go to the second class. Each writing assignment needs to be a minimum of two paragraphs unless otherwise specified. I want things in your own words. Dianic philosophy is, above all, an internally understood process which changes consciousness. Each assignment needs to be approved by me before you go on to the next step.

If you have questions about the requirements or direction of the class please email me. To sign up for the class please visit the The Dianic University. If you need help finding the books for the class, you can click here.

Dianic Philosophy 101

Lesson 1: What is Feminism?
Lesson 2: What is Dianic Feminism to me?
Lesson 3: Why a feminist spirituality?
Lesson 4: What is the difference between Patriarchal reality and Goddess reality?
Lesson 5: How can we all manifest Goddess Reality?
Lesson 6: How can I experience Dianic Spirituality?
Lesson 7: How can I connect with Goddess?
Lesson 8: What does it mean to be a priestess to a Goddess?
Lesson 9: What does Magick have to do with being a priestess?
Lesson 10: Why do Dianic practices seem to have so much focus on the Moon?
Lesson 11: How can I become more connected with my inner strength and power?
Lesson 12: Where am I now?

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