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The list of links and graphics has finally gotten so big on my main Pagan page that I feel it should really have its own place so I can expand the main page without making it some kind of bandwidth monster. I will do my utmost to keep these links current. If you come across one that is not, or I have a link to your page and it needs updating, please send me a note, and let me know. If you want to submit a link to be added click on the earlier link and mail me your URL. I'll check you out and add you. If you'd like a graphic link for a link to my site, I finally have one!

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This is the link to Circle Sanctuary, one of the most steadfast and longest existing of the Wiccan/Pagan groups in the USA. I've been a member of theirs off and on for 9 years, and I believe they are definitely a group worth everyone's support. Selene Fox and Dennis Carpenter and company have done so much for Pagans of all stripes in the US and around the world.
This is a link to the Indiana Pagan Resource Network
Kethera's home page and Pagan resource site is this way. :) Enjoy!
I just saw the notice for this site and had to add it. It's for the book Circle Round, by Starhawk, Diane Baker, and Anne Hill. The book is about Pagan parenting, and I feel it's a long-overdue and very valuable addition to the resources of any Pagan with children or who is contemplating having them.

Graphic Links

Art Branwen's Magick Circle

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